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Victoria Program



Water and housing

Provision of adequate water supplies


The Kagera is a region where water abounds in the rainy season but can become perilously scare in the dry season. Over the past years, PTZ has worked with the local authorities to discover and uncover springs and dig boreholes. Improving water quality, transport and storage conditions helps to prevent the spread of sicknesses and epidemics. Thanks to logistic and financial support, Partage Tanzania has contributed to restoring or constructing 82 new fountains and wells since 1990. Maintenance and repairs are done by a responsible person designated by the village community.


Renovation of huts and houses

The houses or mud huts belonging to the families of orphans are usually in poor condition having not been properly looked after. Between 1996 and 2000, 623 of these houses were renovated or even rebuilt. These renovations are carried out with consideration for traditional styles and rituals. The eldest son usually inherits the house with its surrounding plot. The families contribute to the restoration by supplying building material when and where possible: bricks, sand, reed, cords, iron sheets etc. 

Since 2000 267 houses were added to the list of rehabilitations and new constructions. The building techniques follow general development. Reed roofs are increasingly being replaced by iron sheeted roofs.

Latrines are important for domestic hygiene and can reduce the spread of infectious diseases. Every family is encouraged to renew and maintain its latrine.

Urgent house renovations or constructions are often necessary in order to rescue families without means - financial support for this is very welcome.


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