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Partage Tanzania Deutschland e.V.

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Partage Tanzania Deutschland e.V. and France-Parrainages

The Victoria Program is supported by around 1500 sponsors and benefactors in France, Holland, Germany and Italy. Currently, about 3200 children and teenagers receive help through the program.

  • In France, the “France Parrainages Organisation" (formerly: Centre Français de Protection de l’Enfance)  brokers sponsorship and help to finance projects run by Partage Tanzania.
    The regionally implemented organisation "Association des Amis de Partage Tanzanie" brings additional support for specific projects.

  • In the Netherlands the Hans-van Bokkem Foundation contributes to the realisation of important projects of Partage Tanzania.

  • In Germany, „Partage Tanzania Deutschland e.V.“ is responsible for these tasks.

Partage Tanzania Deutschland e.V.

c/o Lütcke

Königsworther Str. 10

30167 Hannover

Tel.: +49 511 16 13 937


Donations’ account: Deutsche Bank

IBAN: DE10259700240060080900  ::  BIC/SWIFT: DEUTDEDB259

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