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Current projects that are supported by “Partage Tanzania Deutschland e.V.” thanks to your donations:

Most of the project presentation papers are in German for the time being. We will strive towards English translations. In the meantime have a look at the pictures and figures.

  • An extension for the Carpenters' training centre in Bweyunge

    Project realisation
    (pdf 1 MB) (in German) (October 2013)
    The extension for the Carpenter's training centre is ready!

    Project plans
    (pdf 643 KB) (in German) (December 2012)

  • A Montessori-Kindergarten for Buyango

    Project realisation (pdf 616 KB) (in German) (September 2012)
    The kindergarten is fully equipped and in use (December 2012)

    Project plans (pdf 491 KB) (in German) (June 2012)
    7380 € were already transferred between December 2010 and December 2011 from Partage Tanzania Germany. For kitchen, latrines and additional furniture are increased requirements of 2000 €

  • Emergency aid for a family of five in Nangoma

Project realisation (pdf 652 KB) (in German) (December 2011)
The new house is ready!

Project plans (pdf 298 KB) (in German) (June 2011)
Partage Tanzania fights severe poverty in the north of Bukoba

  • Emergency aid for nine orphans

Moving in the new house: September 2010 (pdf 1.096 KB)

Project plans (July 2010) (pdf 294 KB) (in German)
Very soon Revina Felician, her eight brothers and sisters and her little daughter will move to the new house in the rural area near Bugorora

  • Realisation of an electrified Carpenters' workshop in Bweyunge (pdf 2.297 KB) (October 2008)

Project plans: Modernisation of the Carpenters' workshop in Bweyunge (May 2007) (pdf 1.676 KB)

  • Dispensary in Kashasha

Inauguration of the dispensary in Kashasha: February 2006 (pdf 1320)

During the construction phase: Reports from November 2005 (pdf 551 KB)

Project plans (pdf 291 KB)

The sign at the entrance shows that “Partage Tanzania Deutschland e.V.” was the donator


You can help to support the Victoria Program in different ways. 

You will find a donation form (pdf 382 KB) here. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact
Partage Tanzania Deutschland e.V.



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