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PTZ develops grassroots, local and global processes. It empowers families and villages to control resources, by requiring contributions individually trying out and making use of the wide variety of utilities which it offers. However, support to children and/or their families is only warranted when a significant personal input is delivered in return. Village communities are increasingly involved in advising, planning and evaluation procedures. This approach guarantees a well-balanced equilibrium between specialised professional employees on the one hand and village volunteers on the other, thereby allowing both defining and fulfilling their specific roles in helping needy children.

Multisectorally integrated:

The main aim of Partage Tanzania is to broaden and enhance the developmental projects which have been set up by the government and other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the area. Partage Tanzania applies the basic, trans-sectoral principles of socio-political development work which are indeed also implemented by the Tanzanian government. By taking a broad spectrum of social, cultural, judicial and economic relationships into account in our attempts to understand the problems associated with, for example, malnutrition, sickness and unemployment, a targeted definition and implementation of effective measures can be assured.

Child centred:

All projects and activities are designed for the good of children and their vulnerable communities – such as widows and destitute families. Long-term commitment through sponsorship by families or individual persons ensures continuity in the provision of and care for children and teenagers.


A range of independent experts are involved in the establishment and accomplishment of all new projects. Drafts of projects are regularly adapted and modified by PTZ, as problems and risks turn up randomly and require goal-oriented solutions.



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