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Personal child sponsorships

You can give an orphan or an destitude child a better future: medical treatment, education, a place to stay, a plot of land and an occupation which will make his/her living. This will also help the child you sponsor to obtain a recognised place within his/her community, one that can make a difference.

Sponsorships secure the stable, long-term implementation and success of the Victoria program. With this type of financial and pedagogic support you can actively help to support parentless children without removing them from their familiar community surroundings.

As a sponsor you regularly send the child a donation, which amongst other things secures his/her nutrition, school attendance (school fees, learning material, etc.) as well as his/her medical check up and treatment when necessary.

Those who like can write personal letters or send packages and will most certainly receive a reply...

You will receive a photograph of the child you sponsor once a year, a personal letter and copies of monthly reports on his/her health, school reports and family developments, so that you can follow his/her developments as time proceeds.

All sponsors are regularly informed on the activities of Partage Tanzania and Partage Tanzania-Deutschland e.V. through the information journal Habari or project papers. Most of these are in German.

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