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Constant needs

You can help to support the Victoria Program in different ways.

You will find a Donation form (pdf 382 KB) here. 


Anti-Malaria-Treatment  15 €
Moskito net  15 €


School fees for one year (primary school)

40 €

Schoolbag with school essentials 40 €
School fees and schoolbag 80 €
School fees for four years of college (Form I-IV) 595 €
School fees for two years of highschool (Form V-VI) 600 €
Scholarship for two years of highschool with boarding 1100 €

Workshops and vocational training centres

Tool box 165 €
Sewing machine (pedal) 140 €
Sewing machine (electric) 330 €
Scholarship for two years of vocational training with boarding 1070 €

Agriculture (husbandry)

Local cow with shelter 330 €
Milk cow with shelter 660 €
Two goats (male and female) 65 €
6 hens 35 €

 Community support

Contribution for women's group projects

Contribution for the implementation of a training centre for agriculture

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Partage Tanzania Deutschland e.V.





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