Partage Tanzania Deutschland e.V.

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About us

„Partage Tanzania Deutschland e.V.“

c/o Lütcke

Königsworther Str. 10

30167 Hannover

Phone: +49-511-16 13 937


Homepage: Gabriele Herok

Donations’ account: Deutsche Bank

IBAN: DE 1025 9700 2400 6008 0900  ::  BIC/SWIFT: DEUTDEDB 259

“Partage Tanzania Deutschland e.V.” is a German non-profit association which makes donations to existing Partage Tanzania projects. You can download the articles of association (pdf 169 KB - in German) here.                                                               

The executive board of Partage Tanzania Deutschland e.V. consists of volunteers only avoiding additional costs. The board is responsible for:

·       Registration and administration of child sponsorships

·       Reception and administration of donations

·       Posting of donation receipts for the German tax authorities

·       Organisation of annual general meeting

Should you have any questions, require more information etc., please do not hesitate to contact us!

By becoming a member, you can lend vital support to the work of “Partage Tanzania Deutschland e.V.”.

The German organisation has, since 2000, helped to finance the construction of a dispensary and social station in Kashasha, the modernisation of a vocal centre for carpenters, a new Montessori-Kindergarden and houses for single mothers and their children.
Sponsors, donators and members regularly receive our information journal Habari and automatically receive a donation receipt at the end of each year.

Sponsorship and membership costs as well as financial donations for particular projects or for the association in general can be set off against tax liability in Germany. The full amounts of financial donations received for child sponsorships are transferred to Tanzania, without any deduction. Only 10% of project donations are retained in order to cover the administration costs of “Partage Tanzania Deutschland e.V.” (e. g. printing of information materials, postage, banking costs, etc.).

The account books are thoroughly checked by an independent auditor and are open for inspection at each annual general meeting.

These meetings also offer an opportunity to report on current projects, whenever possible with the direct contributions of the general manager or other team members from Tanzania.

Guests are welcome. Please get in touch for more information.



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